Who We Are

IT Systems provides its clients with complete support in the area of Information Technologies.

Our experts are highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge, experience and they are under continuous education since changes in information technologies are highly dynamic.

about us

There is a common (and very wrong) practice in small and medium companies that the manager assigns an employee who "knows about computers more than the others" for the tasks of IT equipment maintenance.

Unfortunately, this practice usually gives very poor results because it has multiple negative consequences:
1. The person selected for this additional task usually lacks enough expertise to operate in a complex IT environment,
2. This person is losing its productive work time, because he or she doesn’t perform its main job during working hours,
3. Systematic prevention, regular survey of the computers and network status, Data backup procedures, in most cases aren’t performed at all, because they require extra time, knowledge and experience that is usually beyond the expertise of the average computer user.

On the other hand, most SMEs do not have enough financial resources (nor need) to keep qualified IT specialists on the payroll full time.

IT Systems solves all of these problems at the same time.about

Our IT specialists are graduates in electrical engineering with long experience, experts in various fields: Telecommunications, System & Network Administration and Web design.

Moreover, we are certified experts with Microsoft ® Information Technology certificates:

Microsoft® Certified Professional
Microsoft® Certified Systems Administrator
Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist